DIY Braided Scarf

Two points.  No wait!  Three:

  1. Happy October!  Seriously, 2012 is passing by so fast.
  2. Scarves are one of those things that Hawaii girls love to own/collect… but are not really the most practical thing in perennial 85 degree weather.  Its getting cooler for the rest of you guys, right?
  3. I confess:  I have a lot of old, plain, Forever 21 cotton shirts that I will never. ever. ever. (get back together) wear again.

Solution?   This Braided Scarf tutorial by Put Up Your Dukes.

And it just so happens that I have old shirts in exactly those colors…

This adorable scarf looks light, is cheap if you’ve got old shirts going around, and is one more reason why I need to buy a sewing machine!

Click through the images for a really cute tutorial!  Keight, one of the Dukes of Put Up Your Dukes was inspired after seeing a pin of a similar scarf on Pininterest.  Turns out that scarf goes for 32 euros (that’s $42)!  Thank goodness for crafty moms.


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