“Pop ‘Em While They’re Hot” Jalapeno Poppers

Now that we’re deep into NFL season, I need more things to bring to Football/Tailgating parties!  Usually, I cheat and buy those frozen gyoza packs from Costco…

Hello Hue’s Pop ‘Em While They’re Hot Jalapeno Poppers

I think I’m making these for my next one–Hello Hue’s Pop ‘Em Like They’re Hot Jalapeno Poppers.  These look delicious, are bite-size, and seem pretty easy to make.  Score!

All you need are:
– Pillsbury Crescent Dough
– Cream Cheese
– Fresh Jalapenos

Bacon! ❤

Click through for instructions and more delicious-looking photos.  Yum!

Besides Bacon/Jalapeno/Cream Cheese, I’m also thinking of making:
– Turkey/Cheddar Cheese (and Jalapeno?)
– Pepperoni/Mozzarella/Tomato or Pizza Sauce
Arabiki Sausage/American Cheese


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