Puka Shell Love

Just what is a puka shell, you ask?

Kahakai Jewel’s Puka Shell and Sea Glass Earrings ($29) – So pretty!

It’s a little white shell, slightly rounded. . .with a puka (hole) in it.  I think the strands are rather pretty!  Nowadays, not too many local people wear them anymore–usually its just tourists or the super dark, local older generation.  I used to wear one in intermediate school!  I think that “super local” category because I was EXTREMELY dark and wore slippers all the time.  Haha.

Here are some modern takes on an old Hawaii fashion staple:


Makaha Mermaid’s Hoop Earrings with Puka Shell and Gold Feather ($40)


GardenLeafDesign’s 3 Hawaiian Puka Shell Necklace ($18)


OceanDreamsHawaii’s Puka Shell Bangle with Sterling Silver Heart ($42)


MischaHawaii’s Puka Shell Sterling Silver Ring ($45)


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