Matcha Green Tea White Chocolate Pistachio Cups

Here are my addictions:
– Breaking Bad
– Greek Food
– Most of all: GREEN TEA

So when I saw this recipe for Matcha White Chocolate Pistachio Cups…aww man.  True love at first sight.
(BTW, if you didn’t know, Matcha is a type of Green Tea.  It’s tea in a fine powder form, used by Starbucks & Jamba Juice and is also part of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  Cool fact of the day.)

Sweetest Kitchen’s Matcha White Chocolate Pistachio Cups

Click through for the recipe!  Omg, it looks delicious. JaimeAnne of Sweetest Kitchen also shared a bunch of other Matcha recipes including a Matcha Smoothie and a Matcha Milkshake.  Oh, and Pistachio Butter.  But I gotta say, the Cups are my favorite.  I think I’m going to try and make these as Christmas gifts!

So cute! – Sweetest Kitchen

Hope you guys have a Happy Friday! :]


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