DIY: Heart in _____

You guys know I’m totally in love with those Heart in (Insert your State Here) prints.  So when I saw this on Pininterest, I knew it was my next DIY!  Or an early-start Christmas present.  You can never be too early for Christmas presents, right?

The Harpster Home – Heart in Ohio DIY

Yay for fellow WordPress blogs!  All you need are a small wooden board, paint, a hammer and nails, some string, and lots and lots of patience.

I am slightly dreading having to hammer in each of the islands (Interesting fact of the day: There are 8 major islands in the Hawaiian Island chain), but I know it’d look great on our wall.  Also, I’m fancying the idea of staining the wood a natural color and using a brightly colored string instead.

So, ready to get started?


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