Pashmina Love


Pashmina Infinity Scarf ($45) – Scarf Obsession

Is it getting cooler in your part of the world?  It’s still a mild…85 in Hawaii…….but they’ve started to bring out the autumn/winter ads.  Leather boots, thick jackets, scarves!  I’m so jealous.  I would love for the weather to be cool enough for me to need a scarf……particularly a Pashmina Scarf.

“Pashmina” refers to a certain type of cashmere wool.  I’ve always thought that the actual scarf was called a “pashmina” but nope.  I absolutely love that blue/burnt orange one from Scarf Obsession’s Etsy Shop.  *sigh*  Definitely on my wishlist.

BTW, does it remind you guys of an obi?  Maybe that’s why I like it so much.

Vintage Obi ($41) – TokyoModern

(Random fact of the day about me: I used to collect vintage Japanese Obis!  Mainly because I went to a vintage obi sale in Harajuku and walked away with a bunch at a super good deal.  They make awesome Christmas presents.  It was a pain to bring home though–all that silk is heavy!)



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