Watermelon Truffles

As the season goes on, I’ve been looking for small crafty gift projects.  You know, something to give my mailman, my property manager, the gate guard, etc.

I’ve never really thought about it before, but what about making your own truffles?  I think I’d like receiving handmade truffles instead of a box of store-bought Godiva.  (I bet it’d come out to cost the same…..but it’d be more fun to make!)

So thank you, Cake Crumbs, for entertaining my idea.  I’m not sure if I’d actually do it, but at least I know how!  Click through for a pretty post on how to make your own Watermelon Truffles.


If I were to make my own truffles, it’d probably be locally-inspired.  Like:
– Macadamia Nut [Dark] Chocolate
– Milk Chocolate with Coconut
– Matcha Truffles (White Chocolate)




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