Bridesmaid Gift: Solemates

I know Winter isn’t traditionally “wedding season” for most people, but in Hawaii, it’s wedding season all year! I’m actually going to a wedding next month!

Besides attending year-round weddings, I also tend to go to a lot of outdoor weddings. At the last one we went to, I wore my favorite shoes–these black slingback pumps with a stiletto heel. They are AWESOME–unless you are standing on a lawn. I SANK. I tried to stand on my tip-toes but I ended up poking all these tiny holes into the grass. Oops.

Thank goodness for Soulmates!

You know, the other kind of sole?  (Haha?)  I think these would be great to give your bridesmaids if you’re having an ourdoor wedding.  Don’t forget to pick up a pair for yourself!  I’m definitely going to swing by the Wedding Cafe to pick up a pair.

They don’t look too obvious, do they?

P.S. The Wedding Cafe is located at Ward Warehouse. They’re definitely a one-stop-shop when it comes to all of your wedding needs!


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