Gift DIY: Jingle Bell Bracelet

Seriously, this Saturday.  DECEMBER. 

2012 just flew by but I am ON IT for December!  My Mom, Dad, AND Grandma have birthdays coming up (all taken care of, CHECK!) and I am going to start making these bracelets as a small gifts for my extended circle of girlfriends!

Voila: The Jingle Bell Bracelet.  Well techinically, it’s pretty much a fishtail braid with some beads woven in but I swear–doesn’t it remind you of jingle bells?  Without the tinkling?  (Hmm.  Maybe I’ll tie on a mini-bell with the buckle.)


Aww, I like them!  They’re so cute.  And festive.  I can’t wait for December!


4 thoughts on “Gift DIY: Jingle Bell Bracelet

    • Hi Susan! I’m inclined to believe that it’s beading/knotting cord (it looks a bit stiff and it isn’t fraying) but I’m positive that you can use embroidery floss. Maybe you can wrap some tape around the ends so that it’s easier to thread the beads on? If I couldn’t find the cord at my craft store, I was going to use embroidery floss as well. Happy crafting! 😀

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