Succulent Centerpieces

The first thing I think of when I read the word, “Succulent” is….super juicy pears!  This post is about the other Succulent.  You know, kind of like a cactus? 

Living Garden arrangements like this one are sold at Foodland and Whole Foods Stores in Hawaii

I first fell in love with succulents when B bought me a little arrangement of them for my birthday.  If we get married, I was thinking of making/buying succulent centerpieces!

Something like THIS would be perfect.  But perhaps smaller.

Succulent Centerpiece by tobieanne ($85)


I figure guests might like to take something like this home versus a giant glass with an orchid stem in it?  (That’s what I used to want.  My mom brought one home, it was BEAUTIFUL!  Hard to transport, though)

– Whole Foods/Foodland sell little succulent ornaments.  Great gift for co-workers?
– Awesome if you need to dress up your outdoor patio table
– Slightly reminds me of lettuce.