Gift Idea: Phone Camera Lenses

Are you on instagram?  I am!  I love that app–it’s like if facebook and tumblr had a good looking baby with equally-good-at-wasting-time skills.

So if you need a really nifty gift for the instagram-addicts in your life, look no further than Photojojo’s collection of Phone Lenses!

1.  The Photojojo Phone Lens Series.  $49 for all three, for the more “pro” photographers in your life.   I like them but they stick out a little bit. 

Buy the Photojojo Phone Lens Series at the Photojojo Store!

2. Easy Macro Cell Lens Band.  For the more casual photog, $15 and it lets you take the closest close-up pics ever!  I like it because it’s easily removable and I’m addicted to taking close-up pictures of my food.

Buy the Easy Macro Cell Lens Band at the Photojojo Store!

3. Jelly Camera Phone Filters.  3 for $15!  I think I’m going to break the set up to give to my siblings/cousin.  So cute and seems like the most fun!

Buy the Jelly Camera Phone Filters at the Photojojo Store!


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