Goody Spin Pin

Do any of you enter the Allure Free Stuff Times giveaways?  They had a crazy month full of giveaways in August.  I entered the contests just for fun but I never really expected to win anything.  First 1,100, or 500?  Blah oh well. 

But whatdyaknow!  I actually did win stuff!  So far, I’ve won a Wet n Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner ($2.99).  I also just got an email that said I won a Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin Mini ($7.29).  Free stuff is free stuff, right?

(The name, “Spin Pin Mini” makes me think it’s a little tiny pen that I twirl around my fingers when I’m bored.  )

But actually, it seems like I won a pretty handy holiday party hair accessory.  You just twist it in your hair and voila!  It works well with fine hair so hurray!  I’m going to do my hair like this for our friend’s wedding.



But you can also get a little fancy and do something like this!

Yeah, perhaps these Goody Spin Pin Minis are for me. My hair doesn’t really like being curled all that much.


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