Interesting/Cute Calendars for 2013

I like interesting/fun/eye-catching calendars, especially for my office.  It makes 2PM in the office a little more bearable!  It also makes an interesting conversation piece, too.  If your desk needs a bit of brightening for this year, look no further:

1. The Cute Star Wars Calendar
Omg R2D2.  $35 from loopzart’s Etsy Store.  It comes printed 8’x10′ on professional photo paper!

2. Tastee Toaster Desktop Calendar

So cute!  I like how the different months have different fonts.  I’m a sucker for cool/interesting fonts.  This calendar is printed on recycled cardstock and you assemble the ‘toaster’ part once you get it in the mail.  $22 in DooDaaStudio’s Etsy Store.

3. Minature Tuxedo Cats Calendar
I swear, because of the internet, I think cats are ridiculously funny.  Aww look, December’s Kitty has a beard!  $22 in Cathy Peng’s Etsy Store.


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