Influenster Vox Box Review: Goody Quikstyle Hair Brush

Hey guys!  Having a nice long weekend?  I finally got to test one of the products in the Holiday Vox Box.  (Plus, blogging is a good stress reliever.  I went to a bridal expo today–OVERWHELMED.  Some of the vendors were like vultures but we got to try lots of different photobooths!  B had fun.)

Introducing the Goody Quikstyle Hair Brush!  Removes water by 30% so your hair dries faster.  Does it really work/Is it worth it?  Hmm.


First things first: My first impression was that the brush itself was HUGE.  It’s the first thing that I noticed when I opened my box.  It’s big but the barrel is slightly curved.  It’s almost like a cross between a big paddle brush and a barrel brush–the shape helps you style your hair if you’re blow-drying it.  Neat!  Second, the brush is built so that in between the regular bristles, little tufts of microfiber stick out.  It’s almost like the cloth that you dry your car with.

Second: TESTING!  After exercising from 9-10, I took a shower and wrapped my hair in my towel.  I kept it like that for about 20 minutes, applying my moisturizer and checking email.  Blah blah blah.  So right before I went to bed, I started brushing my hair with my new fangled brush for about 5 minutes.  It didn’t feel any different (I guess I could tell that it had less regular bristles) but after a while, I inspected the microfiber part–it was soaked!  It really did absorb some of the water from my hair.  At the end, my hair was still damp but I could definitely tell that it wasn’t as damp as it was before the new brush.  I still have to test it while blow-drying (I actually rarely blow-dry my hair).

Third: My only issues with this brush is that I’m concerned about it drying after use?  The package says you can just air dry it and there are little holes on the sides to help with ventilation, but it was still wet in the morning when I got up.  The package says I could blow dry it also, and when it gets dirty you just rub some shampoo in it and rinse it out.

So would I recommend it?  Yeah, I would!  It’s a bit gimmicky but I think it works well for what it’s designed to do.  I don’t think it’s a must-have-as-part-of-your-beauty-routine item but if you routinely blow-dry your hair after the shower, give it a shot!


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