Quick Cinnamon Rolls (aka no yeast!)

Cinnamon rolls are B‘s favorite comfort food, so naturally, I’ve learned how to make ’em.  (BUT NEVER EAT THEM because he will never gain weight but I will.  *sigh*)

My go-to recipe has always been the 5-star rated “Clone of a Cinnabon” but I think I might be switching it up with my next batch–to make these beauties! 

Ounces and Gram’s Quick Cinnamon Rolls.

Ounces and Grams

No yeast means that these can be made in less than an hour. YES PLEASE! My regular Cinnamon Roll baking falls only on Football Sundays, when we’re actually home for 3+ hours so my dough can rise and yada yada yada. ‘Aint nobody got time for that! (okay i’m sorry.)

Ounces and Grams

Also FYI, this recipe makes TWO large rolls. If you’re going to make them for a potluck, maybe you should double or triple the recipe and then cut them in quarters. Yum!

(WAH it is 9AM Hawaii time when I’m posting this.  Now I am rather hungry.)


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