Happy New Year – Butter Mochi

I know New Year’s Day was almost a week ago but I can’t kick my mochi fix!  So instead of the regular chi chi dango mochi, I think I’m going to make a batch of butter mochi.

FOODjimoto’s Butter Mochi

(Mochi is a Japanese rice cake.  In the traditional way, it’s pounded until it gets really sticky.  The other way to make it is using mochiko flour. Usually, eating plain mochi is for New Years.  For everyday sweets, occasions, and potlucks, people make sweet mochi.)

Click through for FOODjimoto’s Butter Mochi Recipe!  She adapted it from the Honpa Hongwanji Hawaii Betsuin cookbook.   Yum!


Interesting/Cute Calendars for 2013

I like interesting/fun/eye-catching calendars, especially for my office.  It makes 2PM in the office a little more bearable!  It also makes an interesting conversation piece, too.  If your desk needs a bit of brightening for this year, look no further:

1. The Cute Star Wars Calendar
Omg R2D2.  $35 from loopzart’s Etsy Store.  It comes printed 8’x10′ on professional photo paper!

2. Tastee Toaster Desktop Calendar

So cute!  I like how the different months have different fonts.  I’m a sucker for cool/interesting fonts.  This calendar is printed on recycled cardstock and you assemble the ‘toaster’ part once you get it in the mail.  $22 in DooDaaStudio’s Etsy Store.

3. Minature Tuxedo Cats Calendar
I swear, because of the internet, I think cats are ridiculously funny.  Aww look, December’s Kitty has a beard!  $22 in Cathy Peng’s Etsy Store.

Happy 2013!

How did you guys ring in 2013?  B and I went to a Food Truck Rally (Eat the Street Kaka’ako, for you Hawaii peeps) and then went to my parent’s house.  Dang, even though fireworks are banned in this state, there were so many illegal aerial ones!  It was crazy!  So far, I haven’t heard any reports of a fire so *whew.*


Eat the Street at the Party of the Year – Nonstop Honolulu

New Years Resolutions!
1. Eat less sugar
2. Continue to buy local!
3. Have non-stressful wedding planning
4. Less Impulse Shopping
5. Be more patient

Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂