3D D-Torso Dragon (Japanese Novelty Toy)

Besides having a stockpile of Japanese makeup products to try, I also have a stockpile of interesting/random Japanese novelty items. I swear, the Japanese are so ingenious! So when it’s a bit rainy in Hawaii, we stay home and I made candy sushi out of powder (and water), all sorts of miniature things with mini lego-like pieces, and now this:


This, my friends, is a snap-out cardboard 3-D model of a dragon by the brand, D-Torso. The cardboard is laser cut and is coated on both sides with a gold, metallic paper.

So on and off, an hour later, Tah-Dah!


Pretty neat!  The pieces were super easy to snap out and the directions were easy to follow also.  Everything fit together so precisely!  If anything, the coating/cardboard made me hands smell a bit strange but that was worth it. 

I bought this last May at the Hakuhinkan Toy Store in Ginza, Tokyo.  I want to say the gold was a special edition for Chinese New Year.  You can buy this dragon model in “Natural” for $18.75 on the English D-Torso website.  They also have Mickely Mouse!


February 2013 Birchbox: The Red Carpet

This month’s theme is “The Red Carpet.”  Why? Because there are LOTS of big ticket events packed into such a short month, so you’ve got to look your best.

Makes sense.  I guess us Non-Grammy nominated ladies (and gents) just have to make do with:

  1. Ghiradelli Milk & Chocolate Squares – Caramel
  2. Twistband Headband Collection
  3. Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvanator
  4. Nicole by Nicole Ritchie
  5. Color Club Fiesta Collection

On the Mikaseven Satisfaction Scale, this box would be a smidgen under “perfectly satisfactory.”  Good products but nothing with a WOW factor!  Maybe my expectations are just too high because of last month’s lash serum and all-in-one product.  Hmm.

But anyway, when I get my box, I’ll make a beeline for the face wash because of it’s mouthful of a name.  I hope it smells nice!  The nail polish will be hit or miss for me (I hope I don’t get the Emerald!  I love that its the color of the year but green nails remind me of Elphaba from Wicked).  The caramel will go straight to B.  I also haven’t worn a headband in forever!  I guess it’ll be useful when putting on my moisturizer in the mornings.

What did you lovelies get?  Anything interesting?  I hope one of you got that Dermablend Concealer–I hope I get that in a future box!


The Taste: Tuesday at 8|7c on ABC


So B and I have turned into Food Channel addicts.  And for some reason, CHOPPED is on every single time.  Seriously.

ABC (I used to be a regular LOST and Grey’s Anatomy fan) debuted a primetime cooking show.  Interesting!  I’ve always wondered if a cooking show could compete with something like American Idol.  But anyway, it’s called “The Taste.” Think “The Voice” but for cooking!  Haha.

So anyway, the Taste started out with a bunch of chefs cooking–they got split up in 4 teams ala “The Voice.”  Now they’ll compete over 8 episodes for the ultimate prize.  $100K and a Prius!  Hurray!  (To watch episodes, click here: http://abc.tv/Z3jimp)

The Taste! 8/7c on ABC

So far, I really like the show!  It’s like Food Network but a bit more jazzed up.  I like the judges more (I’m thinking of Chopped right now) and I think the concept is interesting.  I don’t think I’ve seen a cooking show presented like this anyway.  I guess the only thing is that the “auditions” were okay.  In that case, singing people beats cooking people any day.  (Maybe it’d be different if I could smell the food.  *sigh*)

I also like it because I feel like I can actually *make* some of the food that they make!  On Chopped, they cook with some….super interesting…..combinations…..

So if you’re like me with nothing to do on a Tuesday night, take a break from Chopped and give the Taste a try. Lmk what you think!


Valentine’s Day White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Alright, I’m cheating a little–this is from Pinterest.  But it’s SO CUTE I just had to share it in case any of you need an interesting recipe for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

Cooking Classy – White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

B isn’t too fond of cheesecake but my Family is, so I’m thinking of popping over to their house after work on Thursday with this.  Two of the Four in my family are nurses–maybe they’ll appreciate the work I’ll do with a handy dandy syringe.

Please click on over to Cooking Classy’s blog for the recipe!  I’ve never made cheesecake from scratch so I’m rather thankful that this involves a pre-made crust.  Hurray!

PS Hmm. The hearts are made of raspberry sauce.  If I have some blueberry sauce……..this would be perfect for a Fourth of July picnic!  Yay Red, White, and Blue.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

B and I are low-maintenance V-Day kind of people.  I think the first Valentine’s Day we spent together, he bought bentos and took me to watch the surf on the North Shore. 

I usually write him a funny card and stick it in his work bag with a little present.  So far, I’m really liking this one!

RowHouse14’s Etsy Shop – $2.50

Besides a witty card, here’s some other cute Valentine’s Day ideas! I was thinking of getting one of these for either my Mom or my Sister (or for myself? YAY!):

PixieHearts’ Etsy – $15.50

FabulousWire’s Etsy – $34.99. Based out of Honolulu, HI! Buy Local! 😀