Japanese Makeup Review: KATE Art Dial Mascara

*Sorry guys, I’ve had this in the queue FOREVER!  I didn’t realize it didn’t post. 😦  But anyway


I couldn’t resist not buying this mascara–it involves two of the things that I love about Japan into one product.  Gadgets and Beauty Products!

KATE Art Dial Mascara tube.  Kind of looks like a paint marker?

KATE Art Dial Mascara tube. Kind of looks like a paint marker?

Introducing the KATE Art Dial Mascara.  I’ve reviewed another eye product from KATE–an eyeshadow palette that I didn’t love–so I was a bit iffy on this one.  The nifty thing about this mascara is that it has an integrated comb.  You twist the bottom dial so that the product comes out between the teeth, which you comb through your lashes.  Pretty innovative, I think!

Kanebo Japan

Here’s what I thought:
WHOA be careful with that twist dial!  Haha.  The first time I used it, I twisted it too much and mascara oozed out.  After you get used to it, it is very easy to control how much product you are going to use.  I used about 1 click per eye. After I was finished, I wiped the comb with a makeup remover wipe to get rid of excess product.

Close up of the comb

Close up of the comb

Application is SUPER EASY.  You still need to curl your lashes but the comb makes it easier to distribute the product evenly.  You can also get closer to the lash root and get those pesky little inner eyelashes as well.

The right side of my lashes doesn't have as much product as the inside/middle.  Not super volumizing but it's awesome for every day!

My outer lashes don’t have as much product as the inside/middle. Not super volumizing but it’s awesome for every day! Perfect when you need your eyes to pop without looking like you’re wearing too much product.

The mascara itself is…very good.  Good is a generic term, but it’s exactly what this mascara is–it’s definitely not bad but I don’t think it’s top-tier.  I really like it though!  It provides some volume but it’s definitely not a lengthening mascara.  I didn’t experience any smudging but I did notice that the formula can be a little heavy.  If you have too much product in the comb, it can weigh your lashes down a little.  I have to practice with that.  I did like the consistency–lash definition was very good.  It’s also not waterproof but I wore it all day last Sunday and my lashes looked great!  They didn’t get all dry and flaky like some of the American Drugstore brands that I’ve tried. Easy removal was a blessing.

Final verdict: 8/10 I am in love!  It’s pretty awesome for something I bought in the beauty section of a drugstore.  I definitely enjoyed using this product and it was SO easy.  I loved the results and it was easy to apply which makes it a very good everyday product in my books.  It’s getting easier to apply every time and practice makes perfect!  I would definitely buy this again and if you’re ever in Japan, it’s a really neat product to try.


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