Valentine’s Day White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Alright, I’m cheating a little–this is from Pinterest.  But it’s SO CUTE I just had to share it in case any of you need an interesting recipe for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

Cooking Classy – White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

B isn’t too fond of cheesecake but my Family is, so I’m thinking of popping over to their house after work on Thursday with this.  Two of the Four in my family are nurses–maybe they’ll appreciate the work I’ll do with a handy dandy syringe.

Please click on over to Cooking Classy’s blog for the recipe!  I’ve never made cheesecake from scratch so I’m rather thankful that this involves a pre-made crust.  Hurray!

PS Hmm. The hearts are made of raspberry sauce.  If I have some blueberry sauce……..this would be perfect for a Fourth of July picnic!  Yay Red, White, and Blue.


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