The Taste: Tuesday at 8|7c on ABC


So B and I have turned into Food Channel addicts.  And for some reason, CHOPPED is on every single time.  Seriously.

ABC (I used to be a regular LOST and Grey’s Anatomy fan) debuted a primetime cooking show.  Interesting!  I’ve always wondered if a cooking show could compete with something like American Idol.  But anyway, it’s called “The Taste.” Think “The Voice” but for cooking!  Haha.

So anyway, the Taste started out with a bunch of chefs cooking–they got split up in 4 teams ala “The Voice.”  Now they’ll compete over 8 episodes for the ultimate prize.  $100K and a Prius!  Hurray!  (To watch episodes, click here:

The Taste! 8/7c on ABC

So far, I really like the show!  It’s like Food Network but a bit more jazzed up.  I like the judges more (I’m thinking of Chopped right now) and I think the concept is interesting.  I don’t think I’ve seen a cooking show presented like this anyway.  I guess the only thing is that the “auditions” were okay.  In that case, singing people beats cooking people any day.  (Maybe it’d be different if I could smell the food.  *sigh*)

I also like it because I feel like I can actually *make* some of the food that they make!  On Chopped, they cook with some….super interesting…..combinations…..

So if you’re like me with nothing to do on a Tuesday night, take a break from Chopped and give the Taste a try. Lmk what you think!



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