February 2013 Birchbox: The Red Carpet

This month’s theme is “The Red Carpet.”  Why? Because there are LOTS of big ticket events packed into such a short month, so you’ve got to look your best.

Makes sense.  I guess us Non-Grammy nominated ladies (and gents) just have to make do with:

  1. Ghiradelli Milk & Chocolate Squares – Caramel
  2. Twistband Headband Collection
  3. Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvanator
  4. Nicole by Nicole Ritchie
  5. Color Club Fiesta Collection

On the Mikaseven Satisfaction Scale, this box would be a smidgen under “perfectly satisfactory.”  Good products but nothing with a WOW factor!  Maybe my expectations are just too high because of last month’s lash serum and all-in-one product.  Hmm.

But anyway, when I get my box, I’ll make a beeline for the face wash because of it’s mouthful of a name.  I hope it smells nice!  The nail polish will be hit or miss for me (I hope I don’t get the Emerald!  I love that its the color of the year but green nails remind me of Elphaba from Wicked).  The caramel will go straight to B.  I also haven’t worn a headband in forever!  I guess it’ll be useful when putting on my moisturizer in the mornings.

What did you lovelies get?  Anything interesting?  I hope one of you got that Dermablend Concealer–I hope I get that in a future box!



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