3D D-Torso Dragon (Japanese Novelty Toy)

Besides having a stockpile of Japanese makeup products to try, I also have a stockpile of interesting/random Japanese novelty items. I swear, the Japanese are so ingenious! So when it’s a bit rainy in Hawaii, we stay home and I made candy sushi out of powder (and water), all sorts of miniature things with mini lego-like pieces, and now this:


This, my friends, is a snap-out cardboard 3-D model of a dragon by the brand, D-Torso. The cardboard is laser cut and is coated on both sides with a gold, metallic paper.

So on and off, an hour later, Tah-Dah!


Pretty neat!  The pieces were super easy to snap out and the directions were easy to follow also.  Everything fit together so precisely!  If anything, the coating/cardboard made me hands smell a bit strange but that was worth it. 

I bought this last May at the Hakuhinkan Toy Store in Ginza, Tokyo.  I want to say the gold was a special edition for Chinese New Year.  You can buy this dragon model in “Natural” for $18.75 on the English D-Torso website.  They also have Mickely Mouse!


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