Stitch Fix: Fix #1

I FINALLY ordered my first Stitch Fix!  FINALLY.  I swear, I first blogged about Stitch Fix…..when I started this blog?

But anyway, before we get down to it, here are some details:
– Ordered my box to be shipped the week of 2/23–arrived in Hawaii on 2/25.  Not bad!
– Box was ADORABLE.  It was patterned on the inside.
– Inside of the box were 5 pieces, a return envelope (HUGE), and a little envelope with some instructions
– I ordered things in size Small

Ready?  Set GO!

Oh, and btw, my real name is Amanda.  Nice to meet you all! :3

Piece #1: 41 Hawthorn Mission 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Blouse – $68
41 Hawthorne is Stitch Fix’s own brand.  Awesome!  I loved everything about this top–the fit, cut, and color.  Vibrant!  This top is definitely a work-to-play multitasker.  It was a bit too pricy for a top, in my opinion, but I scored some bonus credit during one of their promos.  SPLURGE! 😀 Verdict: KEEP


Despite my straight face, I really did like this top. 😀


Piece #2: Mystree Pamela Pleated Printed Dress – $58
Unfortunately, this dress reminded me of…an Easter Egg.  I didn’t mind the cut, but it was the color and the print that did it in.  It was also really loose in the middle. Sorry! Not really my thing.  Verdict: PASS


Not a fan. 😦


Piece #3: C. Luce Colby Scalloped Trim Dress – $78
I actually really liked this dress!  It was cute, had an interesting hemline, and I liked the neckline also.  Except…it was in size Medium, not Small.  Hmm.  (Labeled incorrectly?  I have no idea).   Liked but didn’t fit right.  Oh well.  Verdict: PASS

022 023

Piece #4 Chris & Carol Mac Floral Sheer Tank – $48
This top was a 50/50 for me.  I liked the color and the print….but on the other hand, there was a big sheer panel on the back and the fit was super super super loose.  Cute but wasn’t in love.  Verdict: PASS


Not in love.


Piece #5 Chris & Carol Adriana Knit Cardigan – $48
I wear cardigans every day at work because I sit near an A/C vent.  I had to pass on this one though–I have too many in a similar style.  And yeah, bright bright blue is a bit bright for me, even for the weekends.


Nah. 😦


So tah dah! That was my Stitch Fix:Fix #1! Overall, I loved it, even if I only kept one piece. It was a lot of fun!  I wouldn’t hesitate to order a stitch fix in the future–there was a lot of things that I would never have pulled for myself but I’m glad I got to try. Yay for returns!

The ladies who did my box were so sweet: I mentioned that I was hoping to find something to wear for an engagement shoot and they wrote all these happy engagement notes on my sheet!

If you’d like to try a Stitch Fix of your own, use this link!


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