Wedding Resource: 100 Layer Cake

So I’ve decided that my official wedding style is “Casual Modern Chic with a splash of Rustic.”  Does that make sense?  That’s what my florist says I like, anyway.

If you’re more on the rustic side (think dreamy barn weddings, mason jars, firefly lights, and lots of DIY), than you’ve GOT to check out 100 Layer Cake.

They’ve got a little pop-up shop with cute little favor ideas for sale:

Pink & White Striped Favor Bags with Gold Heart – $8 for 10

and they’ve got a TON of DIY projects. (Like those bags.  I’m pretty sure you can make those.  Those are the bags that I put candy in at Whole Foods)

Make your own Floral Garland!  Perfect for decorating your arch or perhaps a guest sign-in table:

Make your own Fabric Flowers

Heck, you can learn how to make your own ruffled belt.

The possibilities are endless!  Also, check out their marketplace for interesting things to put on your tables.


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