Groomsmen Gifts: Personalized Cuff Links

If I got the Girls a cute and personalized bridesmaid gift, we can’t forget the guys, now can we?

That’s why White Truffle made these:

Personalized cross arrows and initial stamped boho chic cufflinks – $45

Aww, I think these are so cute!  These would be perfect accessory for our guys in our-bordering-on-boho-chic wedding. White Truffle makes these in silver too, if you’re not into the brass look.

If you don’t care for the arrows, White Truffle has a TON of different cuff links!  These are a great, subtle way to customize your bridal party or to give a cute insider-joke gift.

Map Cuff Links (Custom Made) – $48

Personalized Hand Stamped Cuff Links – $48


Bike Cufflinks – $40

Nebula Cuff Links – $40


I was thinking of ordering a pair for all the guys who helped us with our future crazy wedding prep.  This is Hawaii, so they probably wouldn’t wear suits to a wedding, but at least they’d have a super custom nifty pair for when the time comes!



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