2-Ingredient (Healthy) Cookies

When I first saw this, I was a bit skeptical.  Cookies.  Healthy.  These two words don’t normally go together in my vocabularly…..but when I read through The Burlap Bag’s recipe for 2-ingredient cookies, it was like the sun came up and you can’t imagine how happy I was.  COOKIES that could be….not that bad for you?  That’s right up my alley!

 The Burlap Bag

2-ingredients.  Banana. Oats.  Bake in the oven at 350 degrees.  DONE!   Quick, Easy, and Genius.  No added sugar or weird ingredients here.  I can’t believe I never tried to do this before!  The Burlap Bag added optional mix-ins to theirs–walnuts and a light sprinkle of  some chocolate chips.  I think I’d stick with those too.  If I wanted to veer this recipe into more traditional cookie territory, I think I might sub the walnuts with chopped mac nuts. OOH and I’ll sub white chocolate chips too.  I think we’re on to something beautiful here.

Please click through on any of the images to see the Burlap Bag’s easy-peasy recipe and their list of recommended mix-ins.  (PS I have been on their site for the past 30 minutes–so many neat tricks, DIY, and recipes!   I should make myself a batch of…4 ingredient cookies as a snack–I’m going to learn how to DIY a spice shaker)

The Burlap Bag
The Burlap Bag
The Burlap Bag


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