DIY: Waxed Paper Dot Garland

In the ballroom that we rented, our backs will be against this BEAUTIFUL wall of windows (with a balcony).  Our guests will be able to go out on the balcony to watch the sunset while we take pictures and yada yada.

But because we want the natural light, we’re going to keep the windows open!  No draping for us.  However, we’ll still need some sort of backdrop for our headtable–otherwise, the flash on the glass (at night) won’t look too nice.

I’ve been brainstorming for some ideas (to save money, I’m hoping to make it myself) and I just stumbled upon this DIY tutorial for a Waxed Paper Dot Garland by Green Wedding Shoes (one of my favorite rustic wedding blogs)!   GWS originally pitches this as an awesome dessert table decoration or a photobooth backdrop, but I think it could also work as our head-table backdrop if I made it big enough.  I think it could work as a simple altar backdrop too!

It looks simple enough to make and I rather like the texture.  If I made this, I’d use shades of green (mostly pastel, but a few dark and bright ones for pop!) with shades of beige/white.  Wah, idk about using the old iron and crock-pot–I have but I don’t want to destroy them to make this… Goodwill it is?  (I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket)


Thanks, Green Wedding Shoes, for the cute idea!



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