Target Beauty Box

This is a quickie before I go to work:

Target is offering a Beauty Box for $5 and shipping is included, hurray!


So yep!  It looks like 5 different samples from various Target brands.  You’ve got to act quickly though, since this is the first run, it looks like they’re limiting it to the first 20,000.  Good luck and click here to enter (its through Facebook)!

Have a good day, everyone!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Target Beauty Box

  1. Interesting. I don’t know how I would feel about getting a Target beauty box. I love Target, but I wonder what kind of products they would include. $5 is a pretty good deal though. I’ll be interested to see what everyone gets once they start shipping out.

    • Yeah, me too! I was thinking it was probably going to be like…Loreal or other drugstore products (like lotion that I might not really care for) but the price lured me in. Did you order one? I’ll make sure I post what I get in mine! 🙂

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