Statement Necklaces + Little Borrowed Dress

So, ladies and gents.  I am in a bit of a dilemma.  Our wedding color is green.  Almost like a bright, happy green (that’s not neon).  I imagine this would translate into a very unfriendly-colored bridesmaid dress.  Meh.

I am toying with the idea of pairing a neutral dress (aka something that can actually be worn again) with a very bright, interesting, statement necklace!

Maybe something like:

Statement Peridot Bib Necklace – Aerides Design

…paired with a bright sash?  Maybe.

Here’s something you could do if your color is yellow and your bridesmaids balk at the thought of a yellow dress:

Yellow Statement Necklace – AnnyJewelry


If your color is Tiffany Blue:

Mint Blue Stone and Gold Edge Statement Bib Necklace – LoveLikeStyle


And speaking of bridesmaid dresses, I recently discovered a really neat site called Little Borrowed Dress.  You can pay $50 to rent a really cute dress with the option to buy it if you really love it (for$150, total).    Maybe this would be helpful for brides with big wedding parties?  Then each of your bridesmaids can wear a different style of dress (to match their personalities) and it’ll be no sweat because they’ll all be the same color!  *whew*  (And did I mention they offer free swatches?)

Little Borrowed Dress


Little Borrowed Dress

Little Borrowed Dress




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