Apple Lattice Pies

I’ve always wanted to try this.  ALWAYS!  The thought of making apple pies of out apples…aww, it’s just so cute.

And you know…I actually have no idea why I’ve never tried this.  From the awesome recipe at Sandra at Recipe Sweet, I learned that you can make this with only 4 ingredients!  Apples, Canned Apple Pie filling, Cinnamon, and a ready-made Pie Crust.  Ridiculous!  I’m going to try and make “pie” this weekend.


Click through for the recipe!

These are the changes that I would make:
– Fuji Apples.  I like Fuji Apples the best, but hmm.  Are they good for making pie?  We shall see!
– I’d really like to use the insides of the apples for the filling.  Maybe I’ll chop it up and mix it in also.


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