Sun Safety Kit: Week 1

Week 1 is over! *ding ding ding*  It was a short week and I dabbled between 3 moisturizers with various SPF ratings.  Here’s a quick review of each one:

ONE: Origins A Perfect World SPF 25
– Age-defense moisturizer with White Tea
– 0.5 fl oz (Full Size is 1.7 oz)
$39.50 at Sephora


SPF rating: 4/5. SPF 25, not bad!
Smell: 4/5. It smelled…organic.  From the white tea?  Sunscreen smell wasn’t too overpowering.
Texture: 3/5. Blends well but it’s thicker then I prefer.  I like lighter moisturizers better but at least it wasn’t greasy!
Bonus: 4/5.  Oil Free and Anti-Aging!
TOTAL: 15/20.

*Note: The full size product comes out of a scoopable jar, not a tube.


TWO: Boscia Self-Defense Vital Antioxidant Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30
– Provides UVA/UVB Protection
– 0.5 fl oz (Full Size 1.4 fl oz)
$36.00 at Sephora


SPF rating: 5/5. SPF 30, even better!
Smell: 4/5.  Slight lotion scent but its very faint.
Texture: 4/5.  Applies very light!  The consistency is kind of watery but it’s still very hydrating.
Bonus: 5/5.  UVA and UVB protection, it’s got antioxidants.  Music to my ears!
TOTAL: 18/20.


THREE: Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion
SPF 30 Anti-Aging/Oil Free Moisturizer
– 0.5 fl oz (Full Size 1.7 fl oz)
$42.00 at Sephora

SPF rating: 5/5. SPF 30
Smell: 2/5.  Smells just like Banana Boat sunscreen.
Texture: 2/5.  Consistency is on the thicker side.  It absorbs quick but blending it in felt like smearing it on my skin.
Bonus: 4/5.  Oil Free and Anti Aging
TOTAL: 13/20.


Here’s what they look like before you blend them in.  The Origins moisturizer (1) wasn’t too bad, I liked the Boscia (2) the best, and didn’t really care for the Peter Thomas Roth (3) at all, as an everyday moisturizer.  I think I’ll end up using that moisturizer on beach days for protection on the way to ocean.


And there you have it!  Have a Safe Sun weekend and stay tuned for next week’s sunscreen reviews!


3 thoughts on “Sun Safety Kit: Week 1

  1. Oh my, I want to try out the Origins moisturizer, but it is so expensive. Sigh. If only I had an unlimited amount of money to spend on beauty products! That would be cool…Nice reviews 🙂

    • Thank you! 😀

      (If you stop by your local Sephora/Origins, they should be able to give you a free sample! I’ve done it with foundations and BB creams to make sure I don’t have a reaction before buying. Hope this helps!)

      • That is true. I’ve never gotten a sample of a beauty product though, just actual makeup. I guess it never hurts to ask though!

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