Hi everyone!  I’m going to put the blog on a bit of a hiatus–I’m in the process of moving!  I won’t have Internet for the next week or so.

Hope you are all having an awesome week so far!


B and I had the rainiest/prettiest moving day ever.


June 2013 Birchbox: Wanderlust

This is the first Birchbox that I’ve received since the service underwent a design change.  They axed the pink scheme and are now running with a very modern black diamond motif.   Here’s what I got in my June 2013 box:


  • (One half of a) Laqa & Co Lil’ Lip Duo
  • Color Club Nail Polish – Wanderlust Collection
  • Oscar de la Renta – Something Blue Fragrance
  • Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer
  • Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

I really like what I’m getting in this month’s box!

– I’ve never really been an Origins person but I’d really like to give their products a try.
– My picture shows a Vitazing sample (SPF 15) but I’m pretty sure I’m getting GinZing
– Pastel is the new “in” color for summer
– Also, you guys know me.  I love lip products (but they’ve been sending them so often, I feel like I’ve got too many atm).

I guess the only thing is that…I miss the Birchbox Extras!  I miss getting a bonus notecard or a piece of chocolate.  But that’s alright.  Receiving good moisturizer is better.

Did you guys get anything exciting in this month’s box?

Sun Safety Kit: Week 2/3

Dang, it’s been hot in Hawaii this past week.  Good thing I have lots of sunscreen to try!  Here’s a quick recap of the products I tested during Week 2/3.

ONE: Clarins Paris UV Plus HP Ecran Multi-Protection Broad Spectrum Sunscreen
– SPF 40
– Full Size comes in a bottle
$40.00 at Sephora


SPF rating: 5/5. SPF 40!   (I’ve been giving anything above SPF 30 a 5/5 but the more the better)
Smell: 5/5. Faintly smells like lotion but not like sunscreen.
Texture: 5/5. Watery consistency that was easy to apply and blend in.  It felt soft to the touch afterwards.
Bonus: 5/5.  Oil Free and Anti-Pollution!
TOTAL: 20/20.


TWO: Ole Henrikson Protect the Truth Vitamin C SPF 50+
– Broad Spectrum with Solar Active Complex
– Wear under your moisturizer
– $35.00 at Sephora


SPF rating: 5/5. SPF 50!
Smell: 4/5. Smells like sunscreen mixed with a Vitamin C cream.  Not bad, just interesting.
Texture: 3/5. Applies very light and dry to the touch but afterwards, my face felt rather oily. (Thicker then I prefer)
Bonus: 4/5.  Broad Spectrum, Environmental Protection, and Vitamin C for firming/brightening.
TOTAL: 16/20.


THREE: Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer 
– Broad Spectrum SPF 40
– Handy Pump Bottle
$32.00 at Sephora (Full Size)


SPF rating: 5/5. SPF 40!
Smell: 4/5. Smells like sunscreen mixed with…Argan Oil!  The Argan Oil is the stronger smell.
Texture: 5/5. Very Very light, spreads very easily.  A bit tacky to the touch but not too bad.
Bonus: 5/5.  Broad Spectrum, Natural, Anti-Aging~
TOTAL: 19/20.


FOUR: L’Occitane En Provence Soin Des Mains Lumiere Brightening Hand Care
– SPF 15/20 (Bottle shows SPF20 but Website shows SPF15? Confused.)
–  Part of the Immortelle line
– $27.00 at Sephora


SPF rating: 2/5.  SPF 20 is okay, not bad for a hand cream.  I feel like I’d rather rub sunscreen on my hands instead (cheaper?)
Smell: 5/5. Smells just like other L’Occitane hand creams.
Texture: 5/5. Thicker and very moisturizing.  Exactly what a hand cream should be.
Bonus: 3/5.  Broad Spectrum and Brightening.
TOTAL: 15/20.


This week compared two sunscreens, a moisturizer with SPF, and a hand cream.

  • As far as sunscreen goes, I LOVED the Clarins formula for everyday use.  I don’t think I’d mind using the Ole Henrikson formula, especially on Beach Days when I’d apply more sunscreen later and oilyness wasn’t an issue…but I think I’d pass on actually buying the product.
  • I was surprised by how much I liked the Josie Maran moisturizer!  Whenever I got Argan Oil samples, I never really cared for them.  I should try again.
  • That SPF hand cream was actually great!  I really liked using it, I just can’t justify paying $27 for a hand cream.


I’m excited for next week!  I think it’s finally time to break out the BB creams.

Fruity Summer Striped Ice Cubes

Save me, I’m melting, I’m melting…(as I write this from my air conditioned office during my lunch break.  THANK GOODNESS FOR A/C)

But really, I’m going to go straight home and make these Fruity Summer Striped Ice Cubes because it’s freaking ridiculously hot and I really want something cold to drink.  That’s also pretty.  And tastes good.  Thank you, ohJoy, because these cute little cubes meet all of my happy food criteria!





***The Mikaseven Local (Hawaii-Style) twist: a bit of mango juice sprinkled with li hing mui, light on the coconut milk.  Now that’s ono.

Wood Rings

Wood Rings.  How did I get stuck on the subject of rings?  B and I were thinking about wedding bands.  He wants something plain  (not flashy/blingy at all) which got me thinking about ways that a piece could be so…simple, yet still make a statement…which is how I ended up with Wood.  I love these!  I think B would need a lot of convincing to go for any of these, but I definitely wouldn’t mind having a couple of these on my fingers.  *sigh*  I can dream.

Titanium and Koa Ring – Wedgewood Rings



Hawaiian Koa Ring – 2nd Street Ring Craft


Bocote Wood Ring with Bright Green Veneer – Endeavours

Then I started to branch off a little.  Get it?  Branch off?  (Sorry, not funny)   These don’t fit into the wedding band category as well (except for the first one), but I love the wood element!

Gold Wood Grain Ring (Personalized) – someplaceelsewhere

Cherry Ash and Rosewood Ring – theredbirdshop



Double Finger Wenge Ring – Daniel Oad

I Can Be Your Strength Golden Twig Ring – xChupi