Geisha Hair Sticks

Confession: I am a pencil person.  Yep, it’s true.  You will routinely see me walking around my office with a pencil (or chopsticks, if I’m extremely desperate) in my hair, keeping a messy bun up.  I always forget to bring those claw things from home!

So, I feel like these extremely beautiful, handmade, Japanese-inspired hair sticks were almost made for me.  TheAncientMuse, of Bordeaux, Aquitaine.  I am definitely a fan.  She can even customize the length of the stick based on your hair length!  That’s so awesome.

Sakura Blossom Geisha Hair Stick

A Walk in Paris – Kanzashi French Wedding Peach Coral Hair Stick

The Elf Double Hair Sticks

Tokyo Dream Cherry Blossom Hair Stick

Check out her Etsy page!  She’s got some really adventurous ones, like this one:

Gold Chinese Princess Geisha Kanzashi Style Double Hair Sticks


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