Wood Rings

Wood Rings.  How did I get stuck on the subject of rings?  B and I were thinking about wedding bands.  He wants something plain  (not flashy/blingy at all) which got me thinking about ways that a piece could be so…simple, yet still make a statement…which is how I ended up with Wood.  I love these!  I think B would need a lot of convincing to go for any of these, but I definitely wouldn’t mind having a couple of these on my fingers.  *sigh*  I can dream.

Titanium and Koa Ring – Wedgewood Rings



Hawaiian Koa Ring – 2nd Street Ring Craft


Bocote Wood Ring with Bright Green Veneer – Endeavours

Then I started to branch off a little.  Get it?  Branch off?  (Sorry, not funny)   These don’t fit into the wedding band category as well (except for the first one), but I love the wood element!

Gold Wood Grain Ring (Personalized) – someplaceelsewhere

Cherry Ash and Rosewood Ring – theredbirdshop



Double Finger Wenge Ring – Daniel Oad

I Can Be Your Strength Golden Twig Ring – xChupi



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