Target Beauty Box First Edition

I finally got my Target Beauty Box in the mail!  This sampling program is run by Target (which I love dearly) and lets you sample new products from trusty drugstore brands for extremely cheap.  As in $5.  Including shipping.  Yes please!

So what did it look like?



Tah-dah!  It reminded me of a supersized Birchbox, except with Target branding.  I loved it!




And voila, here is what I got in this box:

Gillete Venus & Olay Razor
It’s got 5 blades and is in a new Sugarberry Scent.  The Olay benefit is that it gently exfoliates and replenishes your skin’s moisture while you shave.  I’m all for multitasking~

Sally Hansen Salon Effects
I got this in the shade “Lust” which I’m really digging.  It’s a glossy black with gold and silver glitter on top.  I’m actually not a big fan of sticker polishes so we’ll see.

Frederic Fekkai  Glossing Cream
I’m already a big fan of this product!  It promises to hydrate, sleek, and shine, and from memory, it definitely does. My hair is a bit fine so I’m hoping that I can get all of those benefits without too much weight.

Loreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in Light
This is a smaller sample, compared to the other ones, but that’s perfectly fine because a little BB goes a long way!  I wish it was in medium but that’s fine, I’d love to see what the texture is like.  This product will prime, perfect, hydrate and correct.  I’m excited!  I’d love to see if drugstore BB creams stack up to their $30 Sephora counterparts.

La Roche-Posay Laboratoire Dermatologique Effacular Duo Dual Acne Acne Treatment
Now that’s a mouthful.  I’ve never heard of this brand or this product before.  It’s got 5.5% benzoyl peroxide in it so I might save it for week of unfortunate breakouts.

BONUS: $3 off of $15 Beauty Purchase at Target (Can you guys read the coupon code? *wink*)



And that’s it!  I absolutely loved this Box and I’m very glad that I decided to try it.  $5 was a steal for these products!  I’d say the razor by itself hits the $5 mark, but with the deluxe glossing cream and nail strips, it was extremely generous.  I’ll have my fingers crossed for more Beauty Boxes in the future!

PS Did anyone else get this box?  I’m wondering if there were variations?


Japanese Skincare Review: Kose Suncut UV Protect Spray SPF 50

Ohayo from Japan! 😀 Hi guys, hope you’re all having an awesome week so far. Dang, it is HOT in Japan at the moment, and since I’m supposed to be out and about the entire week, I thought I’d take the chance to try out a new sunscreen!



Voila!  This is a spray sunscreen by Kose and its called Suncut Essence in UV Protect Spray.  Kind of a mouthful, huh?  The scent is Fresh Citrus and its SPF50+ and PA+++.  Hurray!

At first, I thought this sunscreen was going to be like the typical ones you buy in American stores–I’m a really big fan of the Neutrogena ones for beach days.  However, I was surprised!  The formula is just as light but it doesn’t leave the same residue like the Neutrogena one does (this is probably because this Kose one isn’t waterproof.)  I sprayed myself all over and it felt like a setting spray after you’re done putting on your makeup.  Light and refreshing!  It was awesome.  The scent is subtle but it’s very pleasant.  I was afraid it was going to be like a perfume at first.



And yes, I did spray it all over myself.  Including my hair.  Our hair needs UV protection too!



I bought this product for 680 yen and I would definitely recommend trying it if you see it in a local drugstore.  I like it so much, I’m going to do my best to use it all before I go home!  (It’s in an aerosol can.  I heard you’re allowed to bring small amounts (toiletries?) on the plane with you but I’m not too sure how true that is)


Other randomness from Japan includes Darth Vader Pocky



And Stitch Gum!


July Birchbox 2013 – SUITS

Have you guys ever watched the show SUITS on USA Network?  (I haven’t.  But I am diehard a Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones fan)  Well anyway, this month’s box includes items that were handpicked by the cast.  Just from the title, I’m thinking…modern day MadMen?

1. Birchbox Bobby Pins
2. Caldrea Body Lotion
3. Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream
4. I.C.O.N. India Oil
5. Model Co Party Proof Lipstick

What the heck is Ceramidin?  It comes from ceramids, the lipids lacking in severely dry skin.  Interesting!  It moisturizes for 26 hours, according to Birchbox.  I normally don’t have dry skin but I’m curious to see how well it’ll work on the plane.  I always feel like I’m drying out on those 8 hour flights.  It’s also a wonder-cream for eczema and redness.



1. Color Club Wanderlust Polish in London Calling/Super Bright Green (June 2013).
DANG that thing is BRIGHT.  I wore it to the beach and it was the first thing that my friends noticed (the guy friends, too.  haha!)  I’ve had it on for the past 2 weeks or so and it’s mellowed out to a nice pastel green.   Or maybe its just me. D:

2. Whish Shave Cream Shaving Cream (March 2013)
One Sentence Sum Up: It was like shaving with really thick blueberry whipped cream.

3. CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40 (May 2013)
LOVE this product.  It was just like the Miracle Skin Transformer with higher SPF.  Speaking of Miracle Skin, did you know they sell it at Costco now?

Washi Tape Love

Hello out there!  Sorry it’s been a while, the move went smoothly and now we’re settling down into our new house!  I’m going to take a break from cleaning/unpacking to share my love of Washi Tape.

Washi Tape by the Foot – leboxBoutique


What is washi tape? It’s like patterned Japanese masking tape.  It’s often clear, comes in adorable colors and patterns, and is wonderful for anything from scrapbooking to organizing your desk.  Lately, I’ve been using it to tape some Instax Prints to my fridge (it’s stainless steel and magnets don’t stick.  Washi tape to the rescue!).

I’m also going to be using it for our invitations.  It puts a bit of a whimsical feel to it, which is perfect for us since we’re not going for super formal.  I’ll be using it on my invitation belly band and envelopes.

Kind of like this – via emformarvelous

Here are some of my favorite patterns from etsy (which is the next best thing if your stationary store doesn’t sell washi tape):

I love this Chevron Green Washi Tape – $3.00, angieheartsjared


This Flower Washi Tape is perfect if you’ve got a floral/garden theme – $2.50, TheWashiShop

Wave Pattern for Nautical Themed Wedding? – $3.29, rabbitandtheduck


I’m really liking this purple lace pattern – $2.70, shekphoebe


These ones are just for fun. Pandas!

They even make digital washi tape also! Washi Clip Art – $2.50, Emily Ann Design Studio