4 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse (Actually, it’s really just 2)

Chocolate Mousse.  When you think of chocolate mousse, does the term “naturally glucose and lactose free” come to mind?  It didn’t for me, but if it does, thanks to Giulia of Jul’s Kitchen, then all the better!

via Jul’s Kitchen

Dang, doesn’t that look delicious?  Click through the images for the recipe but all you need are 4 coffee cups and:

  • 3 eggs, yolk and white separated
  • 90 g of dark chocolate
  • 3 tablespoons of water
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder or coconut flakes to serve

I think I’m going to try and make these for my upcoming Bridesmaid wedding meetings,  If I ever do have upcoming, bridesmaid wedding meetings.  *sigh*  (When I crave chocolate, can you sense that perhaps not all is well?)

Look how fluffy that is.  I feel better already.  Thank you, Giulia!


The Face Shop Haul #2

I came back to the Face Shop because I really enjoyed Haul #1 and I was in need of some facial cleanser.  I ended up buying two.  *sigh*

My brother, who introduced me to the Face Shop products, has been hunting their elusive (and extremely popular Peach foaming cleanser for a while now so I must be lucky or something….they just restocked 15 minutes before I came in!  Score!


The left is a basic cleanser in Peach ($5.00) and the right is a whitening/brightening formula in White Tea ($12.00).  I love these!  They’re really creamy and not nearly as drying as some American foam cleanser formulas that I’ve tried.  My favorite part is the smell–they are HEAVENLY.  The peach one has just the right amount of fruity scent (without being too overwhelming or perfume-y) and the White Tea one is very light, fresh, and refreshing.  No wonder these are two products are in such high demand!

I also ended up buying this:


CC Cream!   This is the Face Shop’s Face it brand (makeup line) and it’s the Aura Control Color Cream in Medium Beige ($34.00).   It’s got SPF 30 Pa++ and comes in a really cute little compact.  See that little sticker?  You push down until the formula comes out then apply it with that sponge.   It goes on silky smooth and surprisingly, matches my skintone (which is interesting because I’m significantly darker than the average Korean, who these lines are designed for.  But hurray!  All the better. :D)    This product is also usually sold out, so I was really fortunate to be able to scoop one up.


Now for the fun part–samples!  The Face Shop is really good at luring you back to buy their products.  I swear, they’re one of the most generous sample givers ever.  wpid-20130825_085245.jpg

Yup, that’s right. Everything else (besides the cleansers and CC cream) was free!  From the top right,

  1. Pomegranate Facial Mask
  2. Nail Polish – Dark Mocha
  3. Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel
  4. Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask
  5. Baby Face Wash Off Mask – Pore Care Pack
  6. White Secret Whitening Body Essence
  7. Green Tea Toner & Lotion Kit
  8. The Smim Radiating Mosturizing Essence
  9. The Smim Fermented Concentrate Total Treatment
  10. The Smim Radiating Moisturizing Cream

Yes.  The Smim.  (Can you imagine the ??? floating above my head?)  I have no idea what it means but it’s got a #1 Allure Magazine (Korea?) Best of Beauty 2013 Editor’s Pick icon on it!  So interesting, I can’t wait to sample. 🙂


DIY: Tinted Glass (Mason) Jars

My florist says we might have mason jars at our wedding.  I’ve never been a big mason jar fan (even though they’re SO popular on pinterest) but I think I’ve found a way to make them a little bit…different.  How?  By tinting them!

via Stampin Up! So clever!

Ever heard of Stampin’ Up?  I first stumbled up on their products when I was researching DIY invitations.  The crafty staff over there have figured out how to tint glass using ink pad refills.  Ingenious!  So if you’ve got a refill lying around, this is how you’d tint your jars:

  1. Add a few drops of Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill to about 1 Tbsp. of water. Mix with a spoon until blended.
  2. Pour about 2 Tbsp. Mod Podge or white glue into a clear jar; add water and ink mixture. Stir.
  3. Swirl mixture in jar until the sides are completely coated.
  4. Turn jars upside down on newspaper for about ten minutes, then place right-side up to dry for several hours or until clear. To speed drying, put jars right-side up on waxed paper (on a cookie sheet) in a slightly warm oven (about 180 degrees) for 20–30 minutes or until completely clear.

***NOTE: The Stampin’ Up ink is not permanent so if you use water, it’ll wash away the color.

Do permanent ink refills exist in the world?  Time to do some research!   If anything, I’d love to tint a few glass vases a light green and put some white tulips inside.  Maybe for the reception table?  I absolutely love that you can make your glasses in the different shades of your ink.  I would love to make a blue gradation set of glasses for my patio!

The Face Shop Haul #1

Today was a leisurely day. Did some errands, took my little brother out to lunch, bought some interesting Korean Skincare products from The Face Shop… *sigh*  It was a good day.

The Face Shop started in Korea and they carry a line of skincare and cosmetics designed with the “balance of nature” in mind.  There are more than 100+ stores in Korea and they’ve got stores in most Asian countries.  Thankfully, there are now three stores in Hawaii!

My brother and I just went to browse and here’s what I walked away with today:


From the top left, going clockwise:

  1. Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch – Intense eye lift mask with Himalayan Raspberry Root Extract and Marine Collagen – $5.00
  2. Real Nature Mask, Lemon – Made with 1,000 mg (of lemon?), this is a brightening mask sheet containing fresh lemon extract bursting with vitamin C to densely penetrate the skin and brighten dull skin tone while maintaining its translucense – $2.00
  3. Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel Sample – Refreshing eye gel with Raspberry Root and other Plant Extracts helps reduce puffiness.
  4. Green Tea Toner & Lotion Kit Sample 
  5. Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Sample in Acerola (Cherry)
  6. Bright Eyes Modeling Gel Patch – To reduce dark circles and provide relief for tired eyes, $5.00

Yes, you read correctly.  I only spent like 12 bucks and I’m actually wearing my Gel Eye Patches right now (It’s really refreshing!  Especially on hot days like these, *sigh*  My eyes feel a lot less puffy, also!).

I’m so glad that they gave me a sample of their skincare products — I’ve heard amazing things about their moisturizers and cleansers.  Ever watch Korean dramas?  Everyone has WONDERFUL, clear skin, even the guys.   K-Drama stars will be my inspiration to up the ante on my skincare regime.

I’ll be returning to try out more skincare products, their sunscreen (will it beat out my Japanese one?), and definitely more facial masks.  The only thing that I was a bit disappointed with is that they don’t have many shades of BB or CC creams.  If you’re a natural beige, you’ll be in heaven!  But if you’re something closer to Medium, like I am, then you’re out of luck.  (It’s okay, let’s buy a lot of wonderful creamy cleanser to make ourselves feel better.)

August 2013 Birchbox: Ann Taylor

Aww, no fancy picture of this month’s Birchbox so I’ll do the next best thing.  Here’s what I’m getting in this month’s box!

BB August


Interesting!  So for this month, Ann Taylor collaborated with Birchbox to bring us fall’s next big beauty trends.  (There should be a cute little etiquette guide with this box).

For this month, it looks like I’m getting two whish products: a “correcting” gel moisturizer and deodorant swipes.   My experience with anything from whish is that it will smell delicious but the consistency will be on the thicker side, so we’ll see.   (I’m not a fan of heavier moisturizers)  I’m really interested in the wipes!  Usually, I have a little deodorant spray that I bought from Japan–I love it but if I could downsize to a little packet, that would be awesome.

And of course, waterproof liner, more moisturizer, and hair treatment?  Oh my!  New products of those categories are always welcome in my mailbox. 🙂  I wonder what the “extra” will be this month!  How exciting!