Sun Safety Kit: Bb Creams

Remember that Sun Safety Kit that I picked up from Sephora at the beginning of summer?  Here’s my take on the two BB creams that came with it.

ONE: Miracle Skin Transformer
– SPF 20
$18.00 Full-Size from Sephora or $48.00 for a tinted version


SPF rating: 2/5. SPF 20 is alright but it means I’m going to have to layer this with something else, perhaps a spray.
Smell: 5/5.   No noticeable smell, just like any other foundation product.
Texture: 5/5.  Light and fluffy, almost like rubbing mousse on your face.  Blends something amazing.
Bonus: 5/5.  Five in 1 formula designed to hydrate, prime, enhance, mattify, and protect, all in a single step.
TOTAL: 17/20.


TWO: Dr. Brandt Flexitone BB Cream
– SPF 30
 $39.00 Full Size at Sephora


SPF rating: 3/5. SPF 30 is better.  If I’m going to be out shopping all day, I still might layer this with a spray.
Smell: 3/5.   Definitely smells like a sunscreen, which is weird because the Dr. Jart ones I’ve had with similar SPF didn’t smell as strong.
Texture: 3/5.  It felt heavy, I didn’t care for it.  Also, it didn’t “color-match” as well as I thought it would.
Bonus: 5/5. This is a hydrating, smoothing, and brightening formula that has antioxidant protection.   Good coverage!
TOTAL: 14/20.


Alrighties!  So I’ve given both creams a 5/5 for the Bonus category because they’re multi-tasking wonder products.  I’m considering the Miracle Skin Transformer a BB as well, because I think it fits well in this category.

Of the two, I definitely preferred the Miracle Skin.  The texture was light and fluffy, the coverage was minimal but just enough, and it made my skin feel extra soft afterwards.  I also think that the “low” SPF rating is a blessing in disguise — you can layer other sunscreens with it during the day but if you wear it at night, it doesn’t make your face look white or shiny (because of the low SPF in it).

Eh, I didn’t care for the Dr. Brandt one at all.  When I squeezed it out of the tube, it looked like gray mud.  After I blended it, it didn’t “color-match” to my skintone as well as I’d hoped, but in all fairness, this is probably because it was intended for light to medium tan complexions.  (Plus, it felt heavy, which I instantly don’t like.)

Just a note!  I tested these during the height of summer, in Hawaii.  It’s currently around 87 degrees and I absolutely CAN’T STAND when my moisturizer/skin products feel like a mask, hence the higher ratings for lighter products.  I’d probably feel a lot differently about say…the Dr. Brandt BB Cream (thicker, more hydrating formula) if I was using it in Japan during winter time.

Hope everyone’s summer is going well so far!  🙂


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