August 2013 Birchbox: Ann Taylor

Aww, no fancy picture of this month’s Birchbox so I’ll do the next best thing.  Here’s what I’m getting in this month’s box!

BB August


Interesting!  So for this month, Ann Taylor collaborated with Birchbox to bring us fall’s next big beauty trends.  (There should be a cute little etiquette guide with this box).

For this month, it looks like I’m getting two whish products: a “correcting” gel moisturizer and deodorant swipes.   My experience with anything from whish is that it will smell delicious but the consistency will be on the thicker side, so we’ll see.   (I’m not a fan of heavier moisturizers)  I’m really interested in the wipes!  Usually, I have a little deodorant spray that I bought from Japan–I love it but if I could downsize to a little packet, that would be awesome.

And of course, waterproof liner, more moisturizer, and hair treatment?  Oh my!  New products of those categories are always welcome in my mailbox. 🙂  I wonder what the “extra” will be this month!  How exciting!


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