The Face Shop Haul #2

I came back to the Face Shop because I really enjoyed Haul #1 and I was in need of some facial cleanser.  I ended up buying two.  *sigh*

My brother, who introduced me to the Face Shop products, has been hunting their elusive (and extremely popular Peach foaming cleanser for a while now so I must be lucky or something….they just restocked 15 minutes before I came in!  Score!


The left is a basic cleanser in Peach ($5.00) and the right is a whitening/brightening formula in White Tea ($12.00).  I love these!  They’re really creamy and not nearly as drying as some American foam cleanser formulas that I’ve tried.  My favorite part is the smell–they are HEAVENLY.  The peach one has just the right amount of fruity scent (without being too overwhelming or perfume-y) and the White Tea one is very light, fresh, and refreshing.  No wonder these are two products are in such high demand!

I also ended up buying this:


CC Cream!   This is the Face Shop’s Face it brand (makeup line) and it’s the Aura Control Color Cream in Medium Beige ($34.00).   It’s got SPF 30 Pa++ and comes in a really cute little compact.  See that little sticker?  You push down until the formula comes out then apply it with that sponge.   It goes on silky smooth and surprisingly, matches my skintone (which is interesting because I’m significantly darker than the average Korean, who these lines are designed for.  But hurray!  All the better. :D)    This product is also usually sold out, so I was really fortunate to be able to scoop one up.


Now for the fun part–samples!  The Face Shop is really good at luring you back to buy their products.  I swear, they’re one of the most generous sample givers ever.  wpid-20130825_085245.jpg

Yup, that’s right. Everything else (besides the cleansers and CC cream) was free!  From the top right,

  1. Pomegranate Facial Mask
  2. Nail Polish – Dark Mocha
  3. Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel
  4. Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask
  5. Baby Face Wash Off Mask – Pore Care Pack
  6. White Secret Whitening Body Essence
  7. Green Tea Toner & Lotion Kit
  8. The Smim Radiating Mosturizing Essence
  9. The Smim Fermented Concentrate Total Treatment
  10. The Smim Radiating Moisturizing Cream

Yes.  The Smim.  (Can you imagine the ??? floating above my head?)  I have no idea what it means but it’s got a #1 Allure Magazine (Korea?) Best of Beauty 2013 Editor’s Pick icon on it!  So interesting, I can’t wait to sample. 🙂



3 thoughts on “The Face Shop Haul #2

  1. I was wondering, does the white tea cleanser have ceteayl alcohol or any kind of alcohol in it? I’ve been wanting to order it but it’s hard to find ingredient lists for korean products and I’m really really allergic to ceteyl alcohol.

    • Hey Rebecca!

      I don’t think it does—this is the ingredients list that I found:
      Water, myristic acid, glycerin, stearic acid, potassium hydroxide, polyethylene, lauric acid, polysorbate 20, glycol distearate, cocamidopropyl betaine, PEG-7 glyceryl, cocoate, PEG-100 stereate, glyceryl stereate, butylene glycol, camellia sinensis leaf extract, sodium chloride, propylparaben, disodium edta, fragrance, benzyl benzoate, benzyl salicylate, hexyl cinnamal, linalool, limonene.

      I actually don’t have the original tube anymore (used it up!) but I hope this helps!

      • Hey thanks! I really appreciate that. I think after I use up my Herb Day Lemon, I’m going to try it.

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