September 2013 Birchbox – Anniversary Edition

September marks the 3rd anniversary for Birchbox, which I think is pretty awesome!  Birchbox was one of the first subscription box services I ever heard of and I’m so glad that I decided to try it out.  I really enjoy getting interesting beauty products in the mail each month, it’s an awesome pick-me-up!    This is what I got this month:

1. Ruffian Nail Lacquer
2. Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel
3. Beauty Protector Protect & Shampoo
4. Beauty Protector Protect & Condition
5. Soak Rinse Free Wash

I first thought, “Meh….” but changed it to a “Mm, not bad,” as I looked at the items a little closer.

I’m still using a Beauty Protector Product–the Protect & Detangle Leave-in Conditioner and it. is. GREAT.  It protects my hair, gives it have a wonderful smell, and I gives me soft,weightless locks that swish around ALL DAY.  Can you tell I’m a big fan?  I’m pretty sure that I’ll like the shampoo and conditioner but I can’t see myself buying these products.  I tend to buy my hair products at Costco…(especially because I know B uses my shampoo.  But not the conditioner so it runs out unevenly.  *SIGH*)

But, peels!  I welcome skincare with open arms.  (Does anyone know of a skincare sample program?  I’d definitely be interested!)  I’ve liked most of the things I’ve tried from Juice Beauty, especially the fruity products.  They’re so refreshing!

And yep.  Soak Rinse Free Wash.  That’s laundry detergent, but the extremely gentle kind.  I will test this out with all of my random/delicate lace pieces.  I can’t see myself buying this either but maybe I’ll fall in love and buy this in large quantities?  We’ll see.

PS: Have you guys been reviewing your products at the end of each month for Birchbox points?  I’ve racked up almost enough for new eye cream!


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