DIY Wedding Garter

Making your own wedding garter TOTALLY makes sense to me–your fiance’s just going to fling it into the air at the end of the night anyway!  Let’s save some hard earned moolah with Bridal Guide and design/make our own garter. 



I like it!  It’s cute and not too old-fashioned, like an updated modern version of a classic design.   

I also like that you can get most of the items relatively easy at your local craft store:

  • Stretchy, lace ribbon
  • Rhinestone appliqué ($6 and up at
  • Needle and thread
  • Hot fix rhinestones and rhinestone setter or iron (optional)

Click through the images for complete instructions~


My only concerns are that:

  • The embellishment can’t be too heavy—I think that although the lace is stretchy (and snug), the embellishment might pull it down.  What do you guys think?
  • I like the width of the lace in the tutorial–maybe 2 inches wide?  I’ve seen 4 or 5 inches at my local Walmart….that seems WAY too wide (for my liking)

Here are some adorable embellishments that I found for under $10:

Blue Orchid Designs – $4.50


Cathie Filian – $4.90

gloryshouse – $8.99

JVGems – $6.00

gloryshouse – $7.99






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