October 2013 Birchbox – The Up & Comers

For some reason, it feels like I haven’t gotten a Birchbox in a loooooooong while.   Good thing this box is on the way!

This month’s Birchbox is dedicated to…award winners, celeb favorites, up-and-comers—and all the other products we can’t stop talking about.

  1. Bain de Terre Macadamia Oil Nourishing Conditioner
  2. POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer
  3. Chapstick Hydration Lock
  4. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Starter Kit
  5. Liz Earle Muslim Cloth

At first, I sighed.  Cleaning products?  ;_;  (sad, tear-face)  Aww, Birchbox.   I want things like mascara and BB cream!  Not a cloth to wipe down my monitor and desk.  But ah ha!  That Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish thing is a skincare system!  ooOOooh.  So how it works is that you spread some cleanser on your dry face, then wipe it all off with the warm cloth.  The cloth will wipe off all of the dirt/grime while gently exfoliating your skin.  Neat!

Now I’m excited.  I’m also rather happy to get that deluxe size sample of conditioner.  I switched to Herbal Essense’s Volumizing formula and my hair is rebelling big time.   It feels so dry afterwards; I need to switch back to a good moisturizing conditioner pronto!  I’m also rather fond of mac nuts.  If you guys are ever in Hawaii, make sure you pick up some Mac Nut chocolates.

Did you guys get anything good this month?   I just scrolled through the “free shipping” section on Birchbox.com; it looks like there are a lot of interesting products!




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