DIY Blue Candy ala Heisenberg

I LOVED Breaking Bad.  Yeah, it was a little dark but omg.  So good.

I can’t really pull off the Heisenberg or the yellow-clean-suit Jesse (yeah bitch!), but if you guys are, or if you know someone who is, this DIY candy is PERFECT for you!  It would be the perfect way to compliment the look, hahaha.

PS: As a disclaimer, I’m not promoting drugs!  I’m just a big fan of the show.  And I’m not sure if I would give this to kids either.  AHH this would be so hilarious at a grown-ups-only Halloween party.

So when you give it out, remember.  You’ve got to say, “SAY MY NAME.”  Hahahaha.
Thanks 9gag.  You guys are just too funny.


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