The Face Shop Haul #3


I have been draaaaaaaaaging lately…which is why I headed over to the Face Shop for a $10 pick-me-up!  Refreshing (and cheap!) Korean skincare products always brighten my day.  🙂

  1. Green Tea Moisturizing Hand Gel
  2. Rice Water Brightening Solution (sample)
  3. Green Tea Toner & Lotion (sample)
  4. Bamboo Face Mask
  5. Chia Seed Serum (sample)
  6. White Secret Whitening Body Lotion (sample)
  7. Baby Face Wash Off Mask (sample)
  8. Herb Day 395 Cleansing Foam (sample)
  9. Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack

Thank you, Face Shop ladies, for the samples!  🙂

I’m on the fence with the hand gel.  I like it because it’s moisturizing yet light but it tends to leave my hands a little tacky afterwards.  I picked a gel instead of a traditional cream/lotion because I’ve previously been using a really thick one that left my fingers rather greasy.  Two ends of the spectrum!  I should blend them together.  😛

I am a huge fan of the Face Shop’s masks.  I put one on, collapse on the couch, and chill.  out.  I emerge from zen mode feeling very refreshed with happy skin!  It also helps that these are $2 each.   I haven’t tried the Bamboo one yet (I really like the lemon one) but I plan on using it with the nail pack!  Ahhh 30 minutes of  relaxing.  I can’t wait.


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