November 2013 Naturebox


Snacking time!  First off, let me apologize for the “dark” lighting.  It’s been stormy in Hawaii!

But anywhere, this is what I got in my November Naturebox.  This box is the “classic” subscription (5 items) was $20.  Since its my second box, I was allowed to customize all of the items that I received except for 1, which was a surprise!

1.  Blueberry Nom Noms


These taste like the perfect soft, chewy cookie.  They’re a bit dense (not necessarily a bad thing) and the blueberry taste is really pleasant.   I thought they were very moist!  The only thing is that you have to be careful to eat only one at a time—one cookie is 90 calories (and that clump in the picture is about 1/3 of a cookie).   My bag came with four intact cookies and the clumps of a fifth. 

2.  Exotic Raw Fruit and Nuts Trail Mix


This was my surprise item and all I’ve got to say is pineapple, pineapple, pineapple!  There’s a few raisins, nuts, and coconut flakes in the bag also, but I grabbed mostly pineapple.  The pineapple and coconut but a nice, tropical twist on your usual trail mix without making it too sweet.  Good to try if you’re looking for something to shake up your snacking~

3.  Whole Wheat Figgy Bars


I grew up with Fig Newtons.  My mom loooooooved these, and I’m still rather fond of them.  I got blueberry bars in my last Naturebox and they were delicious, which is why I requested these (yay for healthier versions of childhood favorites!).  I love these because they’re not dry at all and are rather satisfying!   If anything, I wish these came in bite sized pieces as well (the package comes with 5 bars, individually wrapped).

4.  Fancy Dried Figs


More figs!  I really liked these, they were the perfect blend of sweet but not overly so.   The pieces were all pretty big and the bag was pretty full, so I’m happy.  There’s not much to say about dried fruit other than….yum?   I’m glad I got to try this one.  Dried figs aren’t too common in the dried fruit section in grocery stores down here.  If anything, be careful of the stems!  Some of my figs still had their stems on and they extremely hard .

5.  Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix


To me, the best way to describe this mix is that it’s very “healthy and clean” tasting.    I feel a bit weird, saying that about a mix that includes dark chocolate, but it’s true! Even the dark chocolate bits taste healthy– although they’re good (and vegan), they don’t particularly have the same richness and creaminess that your typical dark chocolate pieces have.  I didn’t particularly care for this mix, at first, but it’s become one of my favorite items from this box.  Guiltless and clean snacking, oh yeah!

*as a note, my vegan dark chocolate bits were rather dry and crumbly.  I’m assuming this is due to the extra (EXTRA) long transit time from Naturebox-land to Hawaii, so perhaps mainland subscribers will have better luck!  I heard that if the bits are fresh, they’re supposed to be pretty creamy.  Good luck!

———-And that’s it!  If you guys would like to try Naturebox, click here.   So far, I’ve been enjoying my subscription.  I like that I can try healthy things like trail mix and granola in small portions so I never get sick of them (aka the Curse of Costco).  Happy Snacking!


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