November 2013 Birchbox: Welcome to the Holidays!

Peppermint Mochas at Starbucks, pumpkin baked goods appearing in the office, the weather FINALLY dipping in the high 70s, HURRAY!  It’s finally starting to feel like winter in Hawaii!

I definitely feel the holiday cheer with this Birchbox.  This is probably my favorite box in a long long long while….(maybe all the way back to the Glam Box?)

1.  DDF Amplifying Elixir (pre-moisturizer serum)
2. TOCCA Crema de Mano Luxe (hand cream)
3. Eyeko Black Magic Mascara
4. Color Club Harlem Lights Collection Polish
5. Fatty Sundays Chocolate Covered Pretzel

Skincare, fancy hand cream, MASCARA, nail polish, and what????  Chocolate?  Ridiculous, I can’t believe they sent all of those things in the same box.  Score!

I’m already a fan of DDF products–they make my skin feel GREAT.  Hand cream will always be welcome in my purse and MASCARA!  Sweet, I love trying new mascara.  What’s interesting, I think, is that the shade of the mascara isn’t black—it’s midnight blue.  I’ve heard that lash definition with this brand is wonderful so I’m definitely looking forward to trying it out.  The nail polish (Harlem Lights) collection consists of a series of pretty, metallic colors.  Lots of silver, golds, and light bronzes with the exception of that  Baldwin Blues shade.  Intriguing :3

I’ve half given up with the pretzel, a little.  The last time I got a wonderful chocolate treat from Birchbox, it was open and smashed into pieces (which is weird, to me, because the box was perfectly intact).  If it comes in its salty sweet glory, I’ll be sure to savor every….second with it.

Hope you guys got wonderful things in your box as well!


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