Review: Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Eyeliner + Serum

I am a HUGE fan of Kat Von D’s tattoo liner. I was introduced to it last year’s Sephora Draw the Line Eyeliner Sampler and I absolutely LOVE it.  I’d say the only cons (for me) are that I’d prefer something a little thicker, since I also use it to darken my lash line, and that it retails for $20.  Since it’s the holiday season and I’m feeling the wedding cost crunch, I’ve had a sudden urge to save money anywhere I can.  There’s got to be a just-as-good drugstore (cheaper) version for everyday usage, right?  I was at my local Long’s (Drugstore, like a CVS) and I bought this eyeliner because it seemed really interesting.

Brand: Physicians Formula
Product: Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Felt-Tip Eyeliner + Serum
Color: Ultra Black (7579)
Features: Long-wearing, water-resistant, smudge-resistant
Cost (at Longs/CVS Hawaii): $10.99, bought for $8.00 on sale


This eyeliner is interesting because it’s not just a liner—there’s a “lash-boosting” serum in the formula as well.  The box claims that, “100% of women saw improved and more dense-looking lashes after 1 week.”  100%, eh?  We’ll see!  I think my lashes are pretty short so I can get all the help that I can get.  *sigh*

But anyway, on to my review.  It feels just like a crayola marker, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The pen is easy to hold and easy to maneuver, which I totally appreciate so I can make precise lines.  It has an interesting smell though, like a real marker!  It’s not unpleasant but it did throw me off the first time I used it. 

The tip is WONDERFUL.  It’s not too hard and it’s not too soft.  I can tilt it to the side to easily darken my lash line and use the pointy end to line the top.  Even though it’s a “bold” felt-tip, I found that it was really easy to make a super thin line.

The color that I picked up is Ultra Black.  It goes on dark (but not as dark as my Kat Von D liner) and it doesn’t sting my eyes.  I would have liked the color to be a little more intense, but it’s perfect for wearing to work.  I wore it all day and was pretty pleased with the results!  The pigmentation was the same and thankfully it stayed put.  It also came off easily with a makeup remover wipe.


Overall, I’d give this product an….8/10. It definitely wins in price and I really like the felt-tip.  Yay for easy and quick application!  My Kat Von D liner wins in the pigmentation category, but the Physicians Formula liner’s serum is an interesting twist. I think this might become my new favorite!



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