DIY: Gift Bows (out of recycled magazines. genius!!!)

I have TONS of magazines around my house.  TONS.  I got a bunch of gift subscriptions once and they’re still going!  I normally give them away when I’m done, but by then, I’ve received….more….magazines.

Thanks to one of my favorite wedding/DIY/crafty blogs, 100 Layer Cake, I think I’ve got a way to creatively put those mags to good use.   Tah-dah!  DIY gift bows out of magazine pages.

One of my subscription mags uses extra thick paper that will be PERFECT for making these bows.  What do you guys think?    Personally, I love this idea!  It’s quick, easy, and if I use bright colors, I think it’ll be festive and super fun.  Plus, I agree with 100 Layer Cake—I do feel rather proud and satisfied when I reuse something.  Awww, that holiday spirit.    Happy crafting!


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