January 2014 Birchbox

New year, new products!  This year, Birchbox is going to focus on “more things to try, to conquer, and to integrate into our lives.”    Which is good, because I’ve been stuck in a boring rut when it comes to beauty and skincare~

This month, Birchbox sent me this:

1. Nail Rock (Nail Polish + Glitter/Velvet/Caviar)
2. 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream
3. INKA Mineral Eyeshadow
4. Ahmad Teas (Assorted)
5. Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream

Interestingggggg.  First thoughts:

  • I’m really intrigued by the nail polish—I’ve wanted to try this fancy caviar stuff ever since Sephora started promoting that ciate line.  Cool!  But unfortunately, I’m wearing Calgel again (to grow my nails out for the wedding) so this’ll have to wait until after March.
  • EYE CREAM thank you.  My dark circles thank you.
  • Ooh Mineral Eyeshadow?  I’d love to play around with loose shadow, it’s been a while since I’ve had one.  Normally, everything I use is all pressed.
  • Fekkai Glossing Cream!  YAY!  I have really really *really* long hair and this helps bring the shine in to the duller ends.  (I’ve been using a sample of this from Sephora)

Happy January, everyone!  Hope your Birchboxes were full of fun, new things~



2 thoughts on “January 2014 Birchbox

    • The one I got was red! Perfect for valentine’s day. 😀 😀 😀 PS I’m a big fan of the new subscriptions that you’ve picked up! Super interesting reads. 🙂

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