Wishlist: Florrie Mitton Couture Garters

Before we start, let me share this:   Did you know that garters come in sets?  One to keep (a heirloom garter) and one to toss.  I had no idea.  All you experienced wedding gals out there, it’s okay, you can laugh.  I should have asked y’all for advice!  None of my girlfriends did a garter toss at their weddings, I had to google it.  But anyway, speaking of garters—-this is post is about a garter that you definitely will NOT want to toss.

Florrie Mitton is a U.K. company that makes *THE* most stylish garters that I’ve ever seen.  They’re all handmade with luxury silks, laces, crystals, etc.  They’re all elegant without being over-the-top and they’re delicate yet not old fashioned.  I’m in love with these timeless designs!


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